Who we are

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The Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop was formed from a combination of Five Valleys Energy Coop, a number of Transition Towns in the county and the Solar Coop to enable local communities and individuals to take part in exciting renewable energy schemes across the county, and to encourage energy saving initiatives. Where community buildings have suitable roofs to install solar energy panels, or public spaces have water or wind energy that could be harnessed, everyone will have the chance to invest in the projects and benefit from the generous Feed In Tariff for small scale, low carbon energy generation.

The Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop is registered as an Industrial & Provident Society with the Financial Services Authority in England and Wales under the Industrial Provident and Provident Societies Act 1965 (as amended) (No. 31089 R).

Members elect directors and each member has one vote regardless of the number of shares held. Members are protected by limited liability and are only obliged to contribute the initial cost of their shares. A copy of the Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop rules, approved by and registered with the Financial Services Authority, are available on request.

As a member of Cooperatives UK the Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop will, whilst trading as a commercial organisation, strive to promote Cooperative Values and Principles:

• Self help and self responsibility
• democracy and equality
• Honesty and openness
• Social responsibility
• Autonomy and independence
• Member economic participation
• Opportunities for education
• Concern for community
• Co-operation among co-operatives

Meet the team