Following the success of our solar panels at Gloucester Resource Centre, we are now looking to develop further renewable energy projects in Gloucestershire which have a community benefit.

We are looking for schools in Gloucestershire who may be interested in developing a renewable energy project in partnership with us. We would fund any project through a further community share issue, and can offer expertise in progressing projects from the drawing board to fruition.

Solar PV guidelines

Solar photovolatic (PV) panels are one of the main options for schools looking to install renewable electricity generations.  We have included below a guideline to help schools decide whether PV is the right option for them.

  • We are looking for any building that has a large roof, ideally facing between South East and South West .
  • The size should be at least the equivalent of 4 good sized terraced houses. (40 panels or 10 kWp). The roof must be in good condition, unless repair work is planned to be carried out before installation. It can be a flat roof.
  • If the building is in a Conservation area, the proposed installation should not be visible from the street.
  • The roof should be unshaded during the main part of the day, apart from any trees that can be trimmed before installation.
  • We’re looking ideally for community buildings that are well used during the day.  (Buildings need to have at least a ‘D’ energy efficiency rating for the owners to install PV, but that requirement is waived for community owned projects.)
  • The GCEC would need to sell most of the electricity generated to the school at a rate that will be just less than their current rate. However, the great advantage is that the price will increase at no more than the Retail Price Index rather than the average annual increase of 10%.
  • Once a school has identified a suitable building and would like to investigate the possibility of working with us, then we can visit the school with an installer (eg. R-eco, Shackleton & Wintle) to do a survey of the building.
  • We will then prepare a balance sheet to establish whether the installation is likely to be profitable enough to be considered for a ‘community share’ issue.

Other renewable energy projects

We do not have specific guideline for all the possible renewable energy projects, however we would be keen to discuss with schools any other projects that would like to install but need help with the funding.