Pylon problems

A new report by Cornwall EnergyOvercoming grid connection issues for community energy projects  has highlighted the big issue of grid connection that is holding back many community energy initatives.


One of the key points is that high and variable connection cost quotations can cause surprises and derail projects.  If grid reinforcement is needed it can significantly increase the potential cost of connection, making many community energy project unviable.

Mike Smyth, chair of community owned renewable energy experts Energy4All, said, “Urgent action is desperately needed to address grid connection issues. When costs rocket to a point where schemes become untenable, this wastes months of hard work and thousands of pounds of scarce community resource. If the recommendations of this report are implemented fully it would go a long way to empowering communities to take control of their own energy future and lead to a significant jump in community project success rates.

Peter Clegg, Chair of Gloucestershire Renewable Energy Co-operative will be meeting Martin Horwood MP (Cheltenham) to discuss this issue soon.

Read more in The Guardian ‘Electricity grid access preventing a community energy revolution‘.

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