July 2013 – Peak production

Our solar panels generated enough energy in one day to lift an African elephant into the stratosphere, says Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-operative

11 July 2013

The recent sunny weather has boosted generation of electricity from the solar panels on the roof of the Gloucestershire Resource Centre. The double whammy of long summer days and brilliant sunshine has created the perfect conditions for the solar panels.

On Tuesday 9th July the panels generated 296kWh of electricity. This is enough to raise an African elephant 15km up in the air. As there isn’t much call for pachyderm lifting in the county, a more down to earth example is that the electricity produced was enough to power 32 average houses for a day.

The solar photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of the City Works building in Alfred Street, Gloucester in 2011. The Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-operative raised the capital to fund the project by issuing shares and the 49 local people who invested now receive a regular dividend.

Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-operative aims to develop renewable energy generation that benefits the local community. The co-operative is actively looking for new projects which it can help bring to fruition, and is keen to hear from any interested local community groups.

Number crunching

  • On Monday 8th July the panels generated 283.99 kWh.
  • On Tuesday 9th July the panels generated 296.81 kWh.
  • The average daily profile expected for July is 171kWh.
  • The ofgem figure for average household electricity usage is 3,300kWh per year, which equates to 9kWh per day. So in theory we were supplying 32 houses on that day.
  • 296.81kWh is 1,068,516,000 joules, which is enough to raise an African elephant (estimated weight 7000kg) 15km into the air.

Graphically speaking

And for those that prefer a picture, here is the graph of the generation:

electricity generation sunny July 2013