March 2014 – Sunny Money

Sunny Money – Gloucestershire Resource Centre receives nearly £3000 from solar panels

6 March 2014

Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-operative (GCEC) has just paid nearly £3,000 to the Gloucestershire Resource Centre (GRC), as their share of the money earned from the solar panels on their roof during 2013.

With the recent storms and wet weather, it may be hard to remember the lovely sunny summer we had last year. And this fine weather has now paid financial dividends for the GRC. They have 186 solar photovoltaic panels on their roof generating electricity all year round. The government pays a feed-in tariff for the electricity generated.

The panels are owned by GCEC, a local co-operative of individuals who invested to help get the panels installed. GCEC give the GRC an annual payment as their share of the feed-in tariff. The sunny weather in summer 2013 meant that the panels had a bumper year, so GCEC were pleased to be able to give the GRC £2,926.43.

Lin Matthew GRC 2014 small


Lin Mathews, Managing Director of the GRC said:

“Our Scrapstore aims to divert waste from businesses to be reused by local playgroups and schools for children’s craft activities. We are always on the lookout for sources of funding, and the payment from GCEC of £2,926 provides some much needed money to keep the Scrapstore running and helping the 1770 groups that use it each year. “





The Gloucestershire Resource Centre (GRC) owns the City Works building where it delivers its Scrapstore service and hires out conference and art facilities. The Scrapstore diverts clean waste materials from local businesses to be reused as art, craft, play and educational resources by local groups and schools. City Works is also a base for fourteen other social enterprises including Fair Shares and Co-operative Futures.

All electricity not used by City Works is exported to the national grid earning additional income. A percentage of the income gets paid directly to GRC, while a small amount is held back for future maintenance and the remainder is paid out to the local investors who all made this project possible.

Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-operative aims to develop local renewable energy generation that benefit the local community. The co-operative is actively looking for new projects which it can help bring to fruition, and is keen to hear from any interested local community groups.