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Be inspired with Cheltenham Green Doors – 22nd & 23rd June

Would you like inspiration on how to green your home? Cheltenham Connect, Vision 21 for Gloucestershire and Transition Towns Cheltenham have come together as Cheltenham Green Doors to organise a third open homes event. Fifteen homes, gardens and community properties across Cheltenham will be opened to the public over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd […]

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January to March 2013 – How are we doing?

What a difference a year makes. Last March our panels outperformed all expectations by generating 149% of their expected electricity, and this year they have been at 89%. However, that is still a none too shabby daily average of nearly 86kWh for March this year, compared to January’s 37kWh, so the longer days really do […]

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Pollarding work underway

We have taken action to ensure that the solar panels are working at their best by pollarding the nearby tree that was shading the edge of the panels. Although the tree was affecting a relatively small section of the overall roof, it can still have a big impact on the output.  This is because the […]

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Martin Horwood started a debate in the HoC yesterday

Martin Horwood, MP for Cheltenham, yesterday moved a debate in the House of Commons to discuss whether the new Energy Bill contains a hidden and unjustifiable subsidy to the nuclear industry. He went on to say that he thought that the Government’s energy policy was on the right track and that the debate was not […]

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Costing the Earth Tuesday 29th Jan 15:30 Radio 4

It’s an environmental experiment on an unprecedented scale. Germany’s political parties have agreed to close the country’s nuclear power stations and slash its use of coal, oil and gas. But can the industrial powerhouse of Europe really continue to churn out the BMWs and Mercedes on a meagre diet of wind and solar energy? In […]

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City Works, Gloucester

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