Call for new Board Members

Gloucestershire Community Energy Co-operative (GCEC) is recruiting new Board members to add to the existing Board of four. We hope to identify and develop new projects, and our immediate priority is to put in place a one year and a five year plan. Will you join us?

About GCEC

Gloucestershire Community Energy Coop (GCEC) is helping to build a local renewable energy supply that offers protection against future increases in energy costs, reduces local carbon emissions and supports the local economy.

GCEC is a “Society for the Benefit of the Community”, which has successfully raised £105,000 in a community share issue and installed a 46 kWp solar PV system on the roof of City Works in Gloucester. The Community Centre, owned and run by a charity, benefits both from reduced electricity bills and from a share of the Feed in Tariff generated.

GCEC is now considering a number of other local renewable energy projects, including hydro and wind as well as solar. There are many benefits to community, rather than private ownership, including financial returns to the local community and increased participation in and acceptance of potentially controversial schemes.

GCEC also wishes to develop community energy efficiency schemes and promote energy saving products.

Why we need new Board members

Three of the pioneering members who began the Co-operative and developed the first project have now left. We are looking for new people to supplement those who remain, and to inject new ideas and energy to help the organisation to grow and develop new projects.

Find out more

Please read the skills and roles described below, and if you think you may be able to help, you are invited to an informal, no obligation ‘Meet the Board’ evening on Thursday 11th June at 7.30pm, at the Gloucester Resource Centre, Alfred St, Gloucester GL1 4DF, the site of our first project. Come and find out more about our organisation, our solar panels, and ask us questions.

Board Member Job Descriptions

These are individual role descriptions however roles overlap and therefore it is always likely (and encouraged) that Board members will work together to deliver on a project. The idea is that there is a specific lead for each role and other board members are co-opted into the role/project as and when required.

General Requirements:

  • Proactive
  • Creative thinker
  • Team worker
  • See possibilities rather than obstacles
  • Committed to growing GCEC
  • Committed to Co-op principles of business
  • Committed to Community Benefit

Community Engagement Role:

  • Seek local opportunities and partners
  • Develop links to potential ‘Communities of Place’
  • Articulate speaker
  • Good communicator – outgoing
  • Networker and door opener
  • Not technical but not fazed by technology
  • Develop links to parish councils, Gloucestershire Rural Community Council, local councils and local communities
  • ‘Client Community’ liaison while developing the project
  • Use agreed Framework to assess early suitability

Project Identification Role:

  • Good basic knowledge of technologies
  • Initial project assessment including feasibility study if appropriate
  • Use agreed Framework to find suitable projects – keep updated
  • Creative thinking to develop hidden possibilities
  • Work with other Energy Co-ops & energy groups
  • Work with Gloucestershire County Council
  • Link with Community Energy England and be aware of Government strategy

Project Development Role:

  • Good knowledge of technologies – can get into the details
  • Knowledge of local government planning system
  • Calculate potential returns – work with Treasurer and installers
  • Liaise with land/building owners and arrange necessary legal agreements
  • Liaise with Distribution Network Operator
  • Do project risk assessments
  • Community engagement and consultation with client community

Funding Development Role:

  • Find and secure sources of seed funding for each project
  • Develop and produce prospectus with Treasurer
  • Work with client community to develop prospectus
  • Work with Mongoose (Bath & West Community Energy development group) or similar organisation
  • Work with Gloucestershire Rural Community Council
  • Work with Association of Parish Councils

Communications Role:

  • Keep Website alive and up to date
  • Use & develop Facebook and Twitter for community engagement
  • Use all social media to update GCEC community with relevant information, of interest, including
    other community energy projects and the national picture
  • Build database of potential new Members
  • Create digital & print materials, to communicate to members, potential members and client
  • Press releases
  • Generating free publicity & articles – local free magazines, parish magazines, etc

Legally defined roles:

  • We currently have a Secretary and a Treasurer, but we are seeking a proactive Chair who has leadership skills. This person will be appointed by the new Board once recruited.

What happens next

If you are still interested in joining us after the June 11th event, or if you are interested but can’t come to the event, please send us your CV and we will arrange to meet you on a one to one basis. We will arrange induction for the new Board as soon as possible after their co-option or election.

Please let us know if you intend to come on June 11th or get in touch if you want more information.

Please reply to: Alex Agombar


The information on this webpage is also available as a pdf

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