Be involved – Help us find a new project

We currently have one solar project – a 44kW installation (146 panels) on the roof of the City Works Building in central Gloucester.

We are actively looking for more projects, could you help us? If you think you know of a suitable project, please do let us know. 

We have the experience to help develop the project, verify that it is financially viable, engage with the local community, organise a share offer so that the local community can invest in the installation and make it a reality.

All over Europe local communities are benefitting by having greater control of their energy resources and thus their energy costs, profits are distributed fairly and into the community; maybe funding a community shop or post office, supporting the local pub, local library, community hall, the list is really endless. The community becomes more sustainable and more resilient in the face of increasing energy costs.

Here are examples of what we are looking for:

Solar Panels

Solar Photovolatic Panels

We’re looking ideally for community buildings that are well used during the day. The building should have a large roof, ideally facing between South East and South West. The size should be at least the equivalent of 4 good sized terraced houses. (40 panels or 10 kWp). The roof must be in good condition, unless repair work is planned to be carried out before installation. It can be a flat roof.  If the building is in a Conservation area, the proposed installation should not be visible from the street. The roof should be unshaded during the main part of the day, apart from any trees that can be trimmed.

wind turbine

Wind turbines

We would like to expand our portfolio to include a wind turbine.  A suitable site will probably come from a farmer looking to diversify, or other landowner.  Good Energy provide a useful check listto consider about what make a good wind turbine site.



Wood Pellets


A biomass boiler can be fitted alongside an existing oil or gas fired boiler which can then act as a back-up.  This is a best suited to instiutional buildings, such as schools, where there is space to store the pellets needed for the boilers.



Micro Hydro

Micro Hydro

Electricity generated from water flow is determined by two factors – the flow of the water, and the head of the water (i.e. the height difference between intake and the turbine).  The Energy Savings Trust outlines in more detail all about hydroelectricity.  The Stroud Valley in Gloucestershire has lots of potential for hydro schemes, we just need to find the right location and landownner!


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